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What is EZKosher?
A market place for kosher groceries, where Shoppers can select with which store to place their order, browse actual store inventory, and choose a delivery slot that works for them.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver to many areas in the New York and New Jersey Metro area! Please click here to see if we deliver in your area.
Do I need to have an account to place an order?
How can I ask that EZKosher add a grocery not listed on the site?
We are always adding new stores to shop at, via Ezkosher.com. You can definitely request a specific store by emailing us with your suggestion, we would love to hear from you!
What happens if I forget my password?
Go to sign in and click on forgot my password then just follow the instructions.
Can I use multiple promo codes on a single order?
No, one promo code per order.
Do I have to tip the driver?
That is completely optional, (But of course, greatly appreciated)
If I order in advance, would I be able to change my order later?
Yes, if your order wasn’t packed yet then you can email us at info@EZKosher.com or call us at 844-EZ-KOSHER, to make changes to your order.
Is there a way that I can search a specific item?
Yes, there is a small magnifying glass on the top right corner, which is the search bar. You can search individual items by simply typing in the item you’re looking for.
Can I place my order then have it picked up?
Yes, however if the order was picked and you don’t end up showing up to pick it up, then you will be responsible for that and we will still charge you.
How can I order items that are not on the site?
Any item that you do not find online can be added to your order after you checkout. There is a field that lets you manually add all items that you do not see on the site. If the store has it, they will add it to your order.