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What if you receive a leaking milk bottle? EZ: We’ll send you another one. Our promise to every shopper is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When we built EZ Kosher, we made the decision to stand behind our site and do everything in our power to make this the ultimate shopping experience for kosher consumers.

That commitment carries over into customer service, because EZ Kosher’s primary ingredient is supporting customers like you. Instead of contacting the grocery, keep us on speed dial for questions, comments and other inquiries. You’ll shop with confidence knowing that you can always click or call and connect to real people.

Remember: Regardless of the store you purchase from, we guarantee and service every single order made on our online platform. So while we are not the ones picking the apples, we bring all the shopping pieces together to ensure your peace of mind. In a line: No matter who’s selling, it is EZ Kosher that delivers.